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Why use Office Central?

Here's the bottom line...
The #1 way to save both time & money is the implementation of effective procurement.

With Office Central, you can expect:

Dedicated Account Manager

Corporate Contract Pricing*

No Minimum Order*

Free Next-day Delivery*

40 Years of Expertise

*some conditions apply

Procurement and Delivery

Procurement is defined as sourcing, preparing, placing, receiving and paying for an order. Some cost experts believe that each vendor purchase per order can cost up to $90.00 to procure. If your company is buying from 2 office supply companies and 2 different computer supply companies, the cost of procurement quadruples.

Consider Office Central as your single source supplier. One order, One shipment, One cheque.

Office Central guarantees the lowest price on all office products and offers FREE next business day delivery across Canada. Some restrictions apply.

Contract Pricing

Contract pricing is a practice used by large Canadian businesses. Top Purchasing Managers use it to reduce costs to stay within their tight budgets.

As you may not be aware, 20% of all your purchased office supplies consume 80% of your spending dollars. With Contract Pricing, we take your everyday core items and put them at prices that are much lower than the competition. This way, you know you are saving on items that matter most. These prices will be frozen for an agreed period of time.

No, this is not a legal contract. Contract pricing will not put you under any obligation.

Research studies have proven that contract pricing will SAVE money. This is how:

Ultra-low prices on all of your everyday core items. Remember that these everyday core items consume the majority of your spending dollars.

Price freeze ensures that there is no escalation of prices.

All customers with contract pricing have access to our Office Central Platinum catalogue. This catalogue represents the highest level of discounts to our customers.

All clients who receive contract pricing have access to the significantly discounted Office Central Platinum catalogue. Office Central Platinum has been benchmarked against the competition, which will ensure that you are still getting the best deal on non-contract priced items. It is a WIN-WIN situation.

All transactions with Office Central are encrypted through the industry-standard Secure Socket Layer (SSL) server. What this means to the customer is that all credit card and personal information is rewritten in a manner that nobody but Office Central can understand.

Office Supplies Cost Audit

If not strategically managed, office supply costs can add up in a hurry for any business. Our team of Account Managers is on hand to assess your purchasing patterns and identify cost-saving opportunities. An Office Supplies Audit allows us to help solve problems that you may not know exist.

One of our experienced Account Managers will help you reduce your bottom line by:

  • Summarizing your past purchase trends
  • Flagging overpayments
  • Creating an ‘Apples for Apples’ comparison

With more than 40 years of office supplies expertise, you can count on us to help you find ways to cut costs. Request a FREE Audit today.

Billing Options

Office Central offers all its customers a wealth of purchasing and ordering information. Once set up, you will be able to receive reports at the end of each month, which will outline a complete purchasing history broken down into the following categories:

  • Cost Centre
  • Buyer
  • Purchase Order #
  • Item
  • Description
  • Sub Total by Cost Centre
  • Sub Total by Department
  • Sub Total by Buyer

This report will allow your CFO or Accounting Department to identify what each department is spending per month, quickly. This report will also enable Office Central to transfer an account to Monthly Billing.

Medium and large firms can place multiple office supply orders per month, week and sometimes per day. Office Central, instead of sending invoices daily to the customer, will send only ONE bill at the end of the month. The bill will be accompanied by a back-up of invoices totalling the total bill. Office Central, saving you time and money with your needs in mind.

Office Central offers an electronic PDF version of the paper-based invoice that can be sent directly to your email. This GREEN option is just another way Office Central is trying to help the environment.

Going Green

We All Play a Part

We believe that businesses and organizations, and not just individuals, must take an active role in reducing, reusing and recycling in order to help make our world a better place to live. From business practices to choosing eco-friendly products, we all play a crucial role in preserving our planet for future generations.

With this in mind, Office Central has made commitments in the following three categories:


Providing electronic statements to clients who order online;

Promoting more multi-pack products to reduce the amount of packing;

All computers and lights in the Office are shut down at the end of the workday to help reduce the amount of wasted electricity;

More clients are ordering online as opposed to fax, thus reducing the amount of ink and paper used;

10 Eco-Tips to Make Your Workspace Clean, Green & Healthy!


All cardboard boxes that are received into Office Central's warehouse facilities are reused to pack-up client orders;

Computer back-up tapes are reused on a weekly basis;

Waste paper is reused around the Office for internal printing/writing purposes by all employees;

Pallets that are emptied in our warehouse facilities are either given back to the vendor for reuse or provided to a private company;


Office Central offers a recycling program to all clients who want to return their used toner cartridges.

In addition, Office Central also outlines all of its eco-friendly products in our catalogue by the use of specific icons. Look for these icons when specifically shopping for sustainable or eco-friendly products. Our online ordering tool has the functionality via an advanced search to only give the user products that are environmentally friendly. With just the click of a mouse, you can be on your way to making a difference by merely choosing 'green' products.