14 Signs You’re From Toronto

14 Signs You're from Toronto

It is no secret that Toronto is one of the best (if not the best) and most diverse cities in the world.Millions of tourists visit it every year, with many of them deciding to stay. With such a wide range of cultures, there is always something fun and interesting to do. While many call Toronto their home, those born and raised here know certain things to be true more than anyone else.


The second “t” in “Toronto” is silent. If you pronounce it “Toronto” we know you are not from here. It is Torono. End of story.

Rogers Centre

The Rogers Centre will always be the Skydome.

Canadas Wonderland

You have held in your hand a Canada’s Wonderland Season Pass.

TTCYou can ride the TTC blind-folded. You will expect delays.
Driver's LicenseGuaranteed – one of your friend’s still doesn’t have his or her license.
TTC Subway MapEveryone has a well-worn copy of the TTC Subway Map.
DrakeYou know exactly where Drake comes from and it certainly wasn’t “from the bottom.”
Central Tech You went to Lawrence Park or Central Tech to see at least one City Final track meet.
Dundas SquareThe guy who shouts “Believe!” at Dundas Square doesn’t scare you anymore.
Yorkdale MallYour favourite malls are Yorkdale, Eaton’s Centre, or Vaughan Mills.
Lime Rickey'sYou have definitely gone to a birthday party at Lime Rickey’s.
Toronto Maple LeafsRegardless of how much you may trash the Leafs, you still wear blue and white.
Dip in a LakeIf someone is taking a dip in the lake, you know it is a tourist.
Pioneer VillageRaise your hand if you wore the “dunce cap” at Pioneer Village.

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