What does Administrative Professionals Day mean to you?

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To us, it’s a day to celebrate some of the hardest-working people in our office. Administrative professionals are the oil to an office’s gears; they steer the ship, tie up loose ends and coordinate all of the small details that contribute to an office’s big picture.

The people person

As the first point of contact in the office, the administrator can work with any personality. From a demanding client to an over-scheduled manager, the administrator gracefully navigates everyone’s needs on a daily basis. That’s what makes administrators the ultimate people persons.

The key to efficiency

The point-person, an administrator knows the inner workings of his office. He knows what appointments are available, the last time your spreadsheet was updated and why the printer keeps eating your document. When a problem arises, we often turn to our administrator, knowing that he will have — or know how to get — the information needed to solve the problem.

The manager

Though she rarely gets the credit, the administrator manages the office. She’s a trouble-shooter and a schedule-keeper. Every day, she juggles dozens of tasks without breaking a sweat. She knows when our packages will arrive, what supplies need re-stocking and how to get ahold of that hard-to-reach executive.


Ever wonder what it takes to be a successful admin professional? It is by no means a walk in the park! Take a look at the infographic below:

Admin Professionals Infographic

We’ve shared our views. Now, what does Administrative Professionals Day mean to you?

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