What can a footrest do for you?

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Benefits of Using a Footrest

So, you’ve got a pretty comfortable workspace. You’ve got an ergonomic chair, great screen settings and desk accessories that promote healthy muscle function. But what about your feet?

The footrest is too often overlooked, but it’s an essential piece to the office wellness puzzle. For starters, footrests promote blood circulation. When sitting for long periods of time, your circulation slows down. Good posture, promoted by ergonomic equipment, is the best way to encourage circulation all over your body. Your feet and legs are no exception. If you sit with your feet dangling or your knees at an odd angle all day long, you risk developing blood clots or varicose veins.

A footrest can also reduce back tension by taking the load off your lower limbs. Even if you use a standing desk, a footrest provides relief by allowing you to shift your weight.

Health concerns aside, there is one major footrest factor that everyone can benefit from: comfort. When your workspace allows your body to truly relax while encouraging good posture, you will be more comfortable and energized all day.

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