The Importance of First Aid in the Office

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First Aid at the Office

Things happen. No matter how prepared you are or how many preventative measures you put in place, accidents are a fact of life.

Luckily, most accidents are minor. But if minor injuries go untreated, they can develop into serious illness. That’s why the Canadian labour board recommends every minor injury be treated by first aid, and followed up with a medical professional if necessary. Annually, one in 68 Canadian employees receives workers compensation after they are injured on the job. By treating a minor injury before it has a chance to worsen, you might prevent yourself from becoming part of that statistic.

What to consider when buying and placing a first aid kit

Where should you turn after suffering a minor injury? The workplace first aid kit. This should be kept in a cool, dry place that’s easy to access, like your break room. Your first aid kit should have all the tools to staunch a cut, soothe a burn, reduce swelling and prevent infection.

As you use the items in your kit, replace them. And check for expiry dates on ointments and cold packs on a regular basis. A good rule of thumb? Check your first aid kit supplies when you check your fire detector, every six months.

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