Fun Summer Team Building Activities

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Summer Team Building Activities: Picnic

This summer, give the people what they want: time outdoors. We know the misconception, that time away from the office is time lost. But contrary to that belief, team building can actually improve your business’ output.

Forbes magazine calls team building the most important investment your company can make. And for good reason; team building improves productivity, creativity and motivation in the workplace. So take advantage of the warm weather, and give one of our favourite team building activities a try!

Company Picnic

This one is a no-brainer. If your budget is low, make it a potluck. The key here is to include team building games. Set up relay races — like egg in a spoon or the three-legged dash — mixing up the teams and pairs as you go. This allows collaboration between people who’ve never worked together in the past.

Workplace Garden

Summer Team Building: Garden

It doesn’t have to be huge. If you’ve got outdoor space, great. But if not, set up window boxes throughout the office. Draw names from a hat, creating a couple of small teams that alternate garden duty throughout the week. Each day, the team on duty is in charge of watering, weeding and harvesting the workplace garden. This allows people to problem-solve in new team environments, and the best part? They’ll watch the fruits of their labour grow all summer long.

Dragon Boat Racing

Summer Team Building: Dragon Boat Racing

Nothing says unity like 20 people rowing to the beat of a drum. An afternoon spent drag boat racing will benefit your team in a number of ways; everyone can enjoy the calming effect of being on the water, the endorphins of a good workout and the bonding of team sports.

Charity Car Wash

Summer Team Building: Charity Car Wash

This one requires the lowest of budgets, just enough for some soap, sponges and buckets. Research five to 10 charities that you think could be a good fit. Then, host an all-staff meeting. Ask people to vote anonymously for the charity of their choice, and announce the winner. Ask if anyone wants to be on the car wash committee, in charge of creating and distributing flyers in the area. On the big day, schedule shifts with teams drawn at random. Keep track of how many washes everyone does. At the end of the event, the boss has to wash the car of the most productive team member.

Weekend Getaway

Summer Team Building: Camp

Nothing creates bonds like summer camp. Recreate that environment by renting a few cabins and hosting a getaway for your team. Include all traditional camp activities, like hunter-gatherers, capture the flag and evening bonfires. This gives your employees a chance to bond over new things, like a love of nature or outdoor sports.

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