Signs You’re Ready for Your Kids to Go Back to School

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Doesn’t it feel like the kids just got out of school for summer? Not so much? I didn’t think so! Here are some sure fire signs that you are ready for your little loved ones to get on the bus and head back to school.

You have school lunches planned out until winter break.

School Shopping List
You have triple checked the back-to-school shopping list.

Hot Coffee
You are dreaming of the days when your hot coffee is actually hot.

Eat in Silence
You can’t wait to eat a meal in silence.

Board Games
You have won every board game in the house. Twice.

Kids Look the Same
The kids are starting to look the same.

You are actually excited to eat veggies without someone complaining.

You are starting to like Frozen again.

Day Dreams
Your daydreams are beginning to get longer minute-by-minute.

Ironed Outfits
You have ironed everyone’s first day of school outfit and a back up just in case.

Sharpen Pencils
You helped to sharpen everyone’s pencils and crayons.

You’re craving to have a conversation that doesn’t contain the word “boogies” or the phrase “but do I have to?”

You feel like you’ve lost touch with your friends even though they come over every weekend with their kids.

Looking Forward to Snow
You’re looking forward to snow.

Didn’t finish your back-to-school shopping yet? Don’t worry; look into KidzPaks to see if they’re offered in your school district.

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