Big Box Vs. Local: The True Champ

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Big box companies lure customers to shop with them by offering their brand name and ultra low prices. However, make sure you take a step back and look at the big picture – shopping big box may not really be as ‘ultra low’ as it seems.

Local Vs. Big Box

What a Chain Can Ultimately Take Away from Local Communities

Investing in You
Since smaller, local companies do not have to pay out shareholders, they’re able to put profits toward proactive personal service and responsible local companies.
Shareholders Invest in Themselves
Give customers, employees, and suppliers the bare minimum, while reserving the vast majority of their profit to pay shareholders, sponsor race cars, and add square footage.
Competitive Prices, Great Value
You get added value at a competitive price to lower your overall procurement costs, which includes working with a team that thinks creatively about ways to lower your operating expenses.
Best Value Blinded by the Price
Keep the focus on the price so customers don’t question value.

Going Green
Whenever possible, a local company buys from local suppliers and manufacturers to cut down on our environmental impact and support the local economy.
Going Green Going Green – an Afterthought Buys from whichever suppliers and manufacturers are in their best interest.

Convenience is Key
Is it really more convenient to drive to your local superstore to pick up a pack of pencils or to have someone hand it to you the next day? Is it really better to browse through every chair in existence when all you need is the right chair for you?

At Office Central, we do the heavy lifting for you by providing you with expert advice on products that will benefit your unique company best.

Convenience 1 Size Fits All Approach
Same service for every customer. Customization is not an option and you are just a number, not a customer.
Value Over Volume
A local company places ingenuity over inventory, value over volume, and quality relationships over quarterly earnings. They don’t spend time formulating the perfect product mix, but rather finding and delivering the perfect solution for each and every client. Technology may have made it easier than ever to place orders, but has done nothing to improve upon the ability of creative, dedicated, knowledgeable people to give you what you really need, when you need it.

Ingenuity All About the Numbers Volume is everything. Doing whatever it takes to make a sales goal is not uncommon and can add up.
Reduced Costs
Local companies are dedicated to helping customers reduce administrative costs associated with acquiring, storing, distributing, and accounting for office products. While not as easily evaluated as price, these costs may constitute up to 50% of the total expense of an office products program, and can offer significant savings if managed properly.

Lower Costs Excess Spending
Big box wants and pushes you to spend more, which does not always benefit you.

So, which type of company is really the true champ? You decide. Share your feedback on our Facebook page.

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