Plan for March Break Travel

How to Prepare for March Break Holidays

Stay-cation or dream holiday, March Break allows you to put regular life on pause. But leave plans until the last minute and you could end up wasting much of your vacation time. Even the most minimal of plans will help you avoid the last-minute scramble, and put your mind at ease before the holiday even begins.

The getaway

  1. Manage your expectations. Before booking your trip, consider if you want a laid-back beach holiday or a vacation filled with exploration. Make a check-list of your expectations, then do your research to ensure your choice matches that list.
  2. Research your destination. Will you be required to get a Visa, or a series of shots before your trip? These things could need weeks to sort out, so do your research before booking that last-minute ticket.
  3. Make some calls. Call your bank, credit card company and mobile provider. Make sure all will work at your destination, and ask if there are cellular roaming packages available.
  4. Check your dates. Is your passport expiring soon? Do you need to renew your travel insurance? Check important dates well in advance to avoid paying rush fees.

The stay-cation

  1. Do something for the first time. We get so wrapped up in our daily routines, we can miss a world of options in our own backyard. Try visiting an art gallery, walking a nature trail or taking a cooking class.
  2. Take a digital holiday. Nothing helps you unplug like… well, unplugging. Set an out-of-office response on your email and voicemail, then commit to checking it every few days, or not at all.
  3. Plan a family night. Quality time with the family is what a holiday is all about, right? Get back to the basics — plan a board game night, pizza night or movie night.

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