7 Office Supplies We’re Thankful For

7 Office Products We're Thankful For

Here at Office Central, we have so much to be thankful for this year. Since we are huge fans of office supplies around here, we are thankful for some really great products. Some of favourites include:


Custom Stamps


Trodat self inking stamp from Office Central
A self-inking custom stamp is one of our go to office supplies. Give them to the crafter in your life – they can be used to create signature monograms, holiday cards, and more.



Office Seating


Obusforme by Global Office Chair for every office

We are so thankful for ergonomic office seating such as the Obusforme High Back Executive Chair by Global. By switching to ergonomic seating, we have reduced our back pain.



Stylus Pen


A half pen half stylus is great for technology
A pen and a stylus, all in one? This is so convenient for when we give presentations on our tablet and need to write down notes. The stylus is very precise and it makes tablet use smooth and simple.



Magnetic Whiteboard



A magnetic dry erase board works wonders in our office
Having a dry-erase board that is also magnetic is a perfect fit for our office. We are thankful that we can connect multiple boards together such as the Quartet Matrix Magnetic Board. The system is modular and they seamlessly slide into other boards in the Matrix line.



Hand Sanitizer


Purell Hand Sanitizer helps to keep our office safe from colds

Working in an office, a cold can spread very quickly. Having Purell Hand Sanitizer on our desks can kill up to 99.99 percent of germs, which helps us, fight the battle against the spread of illness.



Post-It Notes


Post Its are the perfect reminders for my notes

Whenever I need to remind myself of something, make a list or write down a number, I jot it down on Post-It Notes. I like the Ultra Colours because when I stick it on my monitor, I get a pop of colour and a great reminder.



Management Planner

A daily planner keeps me extra organized

Just like most offices, we have a busy schedule at Office Central. My At-A-Glance QuickNotes Management Planner keeps my day nice and organized. With a place for all my appointments and a full monthly calendar on each page, I will remember all my important dates.


Did your favourite office supplies make our list this year? Share with us on our Facebook page which office products you are thankful for.

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