8 Office Organization Tips & Tricks

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8 Office Organization Tips & Tricks

Getting yourself to a place of organizational bliss does not have to be stressful or time consuming. Get started with these ten easy tips.

Daily Items Within Reach
Put items that you use on a daily basis within reach and store everything else away.

Hanging File Folders
Purchase a good filing cabinet. Use hanging file folders to start a filing system that works for you.


Color Coding
Try a colour coding system for e-mails, files, etc. Choose colours that evoke an emotion like green for finances.


Digital Calendar
Use a digital calendar to keep track of any and all appointments. Don’t separate your personal from your work schedule so as to not double-book yourself.

Never just place trash down and say you’ll get to it later. Chances are you won’t so do yourself a favor and just throw it in the garbage.

Sticky Note
Do you tend to be a sticky note hoarder? Try putting notes all on one page in a notebook so you can streamline yourself to one place.

Take advantage of boring, blank walls by hanging corkboards or covering a wall with chalkboard paint to add some flair.

Clean Up at the End of the Day
At the end of each workday fix up your desk and put things away. When you come in the next day, you will have a clean workspace that will help to give you positive outlook to start your day.


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