5 Office Furniture & Design Trends for 2015

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The days of stark grey cubicles and mind-numbing fluorescent lighting that characterized the traditional office are coming to a landscape of the inflexible. Static offices are rapidly transforming due to ever-changing developments of communication and information technologies. Offices in 2015 will be catering to these five major trends in office furniture and design.

Communication is crucial

Communication is crucial.

Technology today makes instant communication easy. Obviously collaboration is made easier when there is an increase in open spaces. Offices in 2015 will be focussed on creating more meeting places or “central zones” to inspire brain-storming. These rooms will be complete with multi-media technologies and wireless presentation systems. Expect to see less cubicles and more open-space plans.

Keep productivity at a maximum.

Open plan workspaces are great, but sometimes employees need a quiet place to actually produce the work after all of that collaboration. Designers will be looking to incorporate the best of both worlds and make sure that there are adequate, noise-free places for employees to concentrate. There will be an increase in booths, noise-cancellation screens and acoustic pods this year.

Less is more.

Many offices will start to take a minimalist approach when it comes to personal workstations. Wireless connectivity and smaller devices such as tablets and smartphones have enabled personal work-spaces to become more compact. The space we once required for paper storage has significantly reduced as well. Offices will not be decreasing their actual square footage, but they will be looking to increase the utilization of the space available.

Comfort is a priority

Comfort is a priority.

It is no secret that most people spend more time in the office than they do in their own living-room. Employers are now looking to reward their staff by supplying them with comfortable furniture. Businesses are now investing in ergonomic chairs and adjustable desks so that their employees can work at their desks uninterrupted by chronic pain or possible injury. Conference rooms will be furnished with coffee tables and couches.

Keep it green!

Most offices by now are making a conscious effort to reduce their carbon footprint, but a growing trend in 2015 is to make “environmentally aware” workplaces. Studies show that people are more relaxed and productive when they feel connected to the outdoors. This can be achieved by installing interior water features, utilizing natural colour schemes such as brown and green and increasing all sources of natural light.

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