Keep Movin’ With These Favourite Canadian Summer Activities

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Time to put your couch potato status on hold. Summer is here and to celebrate, Participation just released its “150 Playlist” — that’s 150 activities to get you moving.

They’ve included the usual suspects, like swimming and cycling, but we’re most interested in the outside-the-box options. You can’t claim there’s nothing to do when you’ve got this list in your hand.

But 150 activities?! Where to start? Don’t worry, we’ve done the hard work for you.

Mini putt

No experience required! Who doesn’t love an afternoon dodging miniature windmills? Much more relaxing than the full-sized, 18-hole deal, a round of mini putt is never a bad option.

Canoeing or kayaking

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newbie, a quiet ride across your local lake is sure to put you at ease. There is something so majestic about exploring Canada sans-motor. Strap on your life vest, grab a paddle, and get on the water.

Tree planting

Not everything on the list falls into the “sport” category, and tree planting is a perfect example. It’s hard work, but talk about reward. This could be a local effort — planting trees at home or the office — or something you undertake with a local tree planting organization.


This is a great team-building activity for your workplace, or weekend adventure with the family. Many archery schools have lessons every day of the week.


Have a big lawn space by your office? Sounds like you’ve got the right ingredients for a Friday afternoon badminton tournament. Work on team building and communication while breaking a sweat.

Flying a kite

You’re never too old to fly a kite. Catch the breeze, forget about your to-do list, and watch it soar.

Jump rope

Your heart will thank you later. Jumping rope is great cardio and, if you’re doing it right, great fun. Get the kids in the driveway and teach them how to double-dutch this summer.

Tai chi

Wind down with this ancient art. Invite an instructor to your workplace, start a weekly ritual with your spouse, or give it a try on your own. It’ll get your body moving while improving your mental focus.

Bird watching

No equipment required. Get outside, enjoy Canada’s beautiful forests, and take in the local plumage.

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