How your business can give back to the community

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Giving Back to the Community

It is so important for local businesses to support their local communities by giving back. Not only does it feel good to do so, but you’re helping those in need while motivating your employees and boosting community involvement. It really is a win-win situation! So why not take a look through the following list of ways you can get started:

Support Other Local Businesses

One of the best, and simplest ways to give back to the community is supporting other local businesses. Need to pick up some fruits and veggies? Visit your local food market. Trying to find the perfect gift? Support your local artist or gift wear shop. Encourage those around you to do the same and keep your local businesses strong.

Hold a Contest

Not only does this help support a charity of your choice, but this is also a way to encourage team building and have some fun too. Each employee picks a local charity, and instead of prizes, the money goes to the charity that was chosen by the winner. Any contest can have a monetary aspect to it if there is a buy in price. So hold a scavenger hunt or recreate a game show. Get creative and have fun!

Sponsor a Youth Sports Team

There is a good chance someone on your team has a child who plays on a sports team. Sponsoring a youth sports team helps out numerous children and their families, all while gaining a little publicity.

Incentivize your Employees

Who doesn’t love to get a little something back too? Some businesses incentivize their employees by selecting a new charity to support every quarter. Anyone who donates $15 or more gets to enjoy business casual wear for the entire quarter! Jeans and sneakers every day all while helping those in need? Who wouldn’t want to take part in that!

Donate your Knowledge

We are sure whatever you do, you do it well. And chances are there is someone out there who would love to learn more. Take an hour once every few weeks and gather your employees to hold training sessions for anyone who is interested. Feel free to stream it online, and take suggestions from viewers on your next topics.

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