How to Protect your Workplace from Winter Wear and Tear

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Winter Proofing Workplace

No doubt about it, Jack Frost has arrived. You see it on salt-stained boots, wet winter gear and the wind-lashed cheeks of your colleagues. Unfortunately, you also see if on your office floor.

This time of year, keeping the office clean can be tricky. And because of salt and snow, the mess left behind can damage floors and fixtures. How can you prevent it?

Plan Ahead

Do an inspection. Are there any areas where slips-and-falls are likely? Are the eaves troughs cleaned? By doing an assessment, you can identify compromised areas before they become hazards. For example, an unkept eaves trough can prevent snow from draining, and can lead to flooding.

It’s also important to make a plan for the parking lot. Will you shovel it yourself or hire a service? Either way, make sure you stock up on salt for the icy days ahead.

Protect your Floors

You can never have too many floor mats. If you use a service, consider asking about winter packages. Make sure your mats are the first thing people step on at the front door, and again before entering work spaces.

Regular mopping is important at this time to year, to do away with salt residue that gets tracked in on boots. If you haven’t already, this is a good time to invest in some wet floor signs.

Laminate and wood flooring isn’t the only stuff requiring TLC this time of year. If you have carpet in the workplace, you need to step up your vacuum game to prevent salt damage.

Create storage spaces

Piles of wet boots, hats and gloves can wreak havoc on a workplace. Besides their potential to water damage wood furniture, these items create unpleasant odours.

Place winter boot racks, small drying racks and storage bins near the entry way. This gives people the opportunity to dry their winter gear before tracking it through the office.  Encourage people to keep a pair of work shoes by the front door, so they can change out of boots and into office wear first thing.

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