How To Properly Ship Packages

How to Properly Ship Packages

“It got lost in the mail.” Now there’s a phrase that no small business owner wants to use. Lost and improperly shipped packages hurt the bottom line. First, there’s the cost of reshipping, then the lost revenue from doling out a replacement product for free and finally, the chance of losing customers for lack of reliability.

When your business relies on shipping, you’ve got to do it right. So we’re here to help.

Label Properly

A wise sender assumes that, at some point, that package is going to be handled without care. So if it’s fragile, label loudly and liberally.

If you’re sending goods packages, be honest with your label and form. It’s tempting to skirt customs charges and under-value the item, but that can result in delays and steep fees for the recipient. If it’s a $500 necklace, don’t call it $10 worth of tea.

Pack Correctly

Don’t slip a silver necklace into that letter envelope. Many letter sorters at postal offices will reject metal or immalleable objects unless they are shipped in a package or padded envelope.

For boxed packages, air is not your friend. Use packing paper or a similar product to ensure your item isn’t going on a wild ride.

You already know to label that fragile package top-bottom-and-sideways. But what about packaging? Again, beware of air. For vases and other hollow, fragile goods, pack inside of the item as well as outside. And if you’re shipping multiple fragile items, never let them touch in the package; be sure that packing paper or bubble wrap is creating a nice barrier between them. When packed correctly, there should be no movement in the box when given a good shake.

Weigh Correctly

Package charges are based on weight, so fudging the numbers can result in a returned shipment. This is true if your box is 40 pounds or 40 grams. For businesses that ship often, an office scale is a must.

For oversized or heavy cards and documents, always check correct postage on the Canada Post website. It’ll tell you the correct number of stamps to slap on that novelty card.

Send on Time

Don’t miss your delivery deadline. Whether you’re shipping for the holidays or sending out letters notifying clients of a big sale, check your dates twice.

Most courier services have shipping estimates online.

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