How to hack your spring cleaning

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Spring Cleaning at the Office

How to hack your spring cleaning

Open the windows and shake out the rugs; spring is here. If you’ve been neglecting the finer details of cleaning this winter, you’re not alone. But you probably have a lot of scrubbing ahead of you. Cut down on the dirty work with a few of our favourite spring cleaning tricks.

Spring cleaning tips and tricks

Bring carpets and couches back to life. Hair and dust get embedded into fabrics, even with regular vacuuming. If your upholstery looks woven with animal fur, grab a squeegee. The soft rubber grabs even the smallest bits of fluff, leaving your fabrics as good as new.

Organize your drawers. If you find yourself digging through a sea of crumpled t-shirts every morning, make life simpler with no extra effort: put your stacks in horizontally. The classic vertical stack leaves only the top shirt visible, meaning you have to move shirts in order to find today’s pick. With a horizontal stack, you can see all your options in a glance and remove one without disturbing the rest. See the pristine results here.

Refresh the microwave. At home and the office, microwaves get ugly. Minor spills can become caked on, and the smell of last week’s curry sticks around for longer than you’d like. There are plenty of cleaning supplies that can help get that leftover food residue cleaned up. No one is a fan of dirty appliances!

Mattress makeover. Don’t waste money on fancy potions or shampooers. If your mattress needs a deep clean, just reach for the baking soda. Give your mattress a generous sprinkling, and allow that to soak in while you wash the sheets. Before putting on your fresh linens, vacuum the baking soda to reveal a fresh, odourless mattress.

We’ve shared ours. What are your favourite spring cleaning time-savers?

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