How Office Lighting Impacts Your Health

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Office Lighting Health

In the office, you use your eyes from morning to night. Whether completing computer tasks, watching a presentation or reading over a print report, your eyes are working just as hard as you are. Of all the information you absorb in a day, 85 percent of it is taken in by sight. So in order to keep your eyes working hard and functioning properly over time, it’s important to avoid eye strain.

What causes eye strain in the office

More often than not, poor lighting is the culprit behind eye strain. When lighting is either too bright, unnatural or dim, your eyes must work overtime in order to see. This constant over-compensation is what causes eye strain.

Other negative affects of poor lighting

Lighting can be poor for two main reasons: it’s too dim or too harsh. Dim lighting has been shown to cause mood swings due to its ability to disrupt you body’s release of hormones, like melatonin. Harsh lighting, like that of uncovered bulbs or fluorescent lights, makes it more difficult for the eye to focus, sometimes leading to migraine headaches.

How to choose the right lighting and avoid eye strain

Natural lighting is best case scenario, but you probably spend most of your daylight hours on the computer, not outdoors. To get the benefits of the sun while inside, choose a lamp that mimics daylight. This type of lighting will keep you energized, helping you avoid that 3pm drowsy spell. And to keep your eyes from straining to focus, look for a product that is glare-free and doesn’t flicker.

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