6 Ways Your Breakroom Can Boost Morale

6 Ways Your Breakroom can Boos Morale

Your breakroom may lead a double life as a conference room one day, then the next, masquerade into your training space, leaving us with a room that’s confused about its identity. Your breakroom should be the place where employees can leave their desks to take a breather and clear their mind.

By offering your workers some breakroom perks, let me tell you from experience, you can increase morale significantly without breaking the bank.


Complimentary Coffee

Let’s face it, people L-O-V-E coffee. Canadian coffee drinkers sip on an average of 3.2 cups a day.

By offering coffee on-site, employees may no longer feel the need to leave for a break to get their caffeine fix. This is a simple and easy way to show your employees you care about them. Don’t forget the coffee supplies like creamers, sugar, and cups so everyone can enjoy a good cup of coffee.

Plant Party

Plant Party

It doesn’t have to be flowers or a large plant but having greenery around has been proven to increase productivity and morale. Plants also help to clean the air so it’s a win-win for everybody.

Healthy Snacks

Offer Healthy Snacks

We asked a few people around the office … chips or granola bars? Almost everyone picked the healthier option. If you offer healthy snacks like nuts and fruit, your team will know that you want to attribute to them living a healthier lifestyle.

Make it Casual

Make it Casual

People are sitting at desks crunching numbers or e-mailing all day. When they step into their breakroom, they should be allowed to Zen out and forget about work for a while. Here’s an idea: Try instating a rule that if you talk about work when on break, you have to put a dollar in a jar. After the money adds up, use it to buy lunch for everyone.

Keep it Comfortable

Keep it Comfortable

People sit at desks for hours on end and sometimes they are simply not ergonomically friendly. If your breakroom offers comfortable seating, workers can relax their bodies and not just their minds.


Provide Entertainment

If your breakroom isn’t large enough to accommodate a television for people to watch, offer games. Cards and board games keep our mind stimulated and working. Workers can come back from break with their brains still functioning and jump right back into work

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