7 Office Items You Really Need to Clean This Spring

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We have been looking forward to spring for what seems like ages now. Get a head start on your spring cleaning by disinfecting some of your office’s more gross items. Brace yourself. You’re going to be surprised to find out where germs lurk in your office.


Did you know that the germs that cause the common cold can live on your keyboard for up to 72 hours? These microbes can be avoided by simply using disinfecting wipes to clean your keyboard every day.

Coffee Maker

Yeast and mold can quickly grow in the water reservoir of your coffee machine. Don’t just use hot water to kill them, use vinegar to decalcify. 


Clean out the office fridge often. People quickly forget about that take-out they had from lunch two months ago. Mold will grow and soon your fridge is going to start to smell. Try instituting a schedule that every other Friday anything left in the fridge is going to be thrown out.

Computer Mice

Think about how often you touch the mouse of your computer. Now think about everything else you touched today. Every germ you came in contact with is now on your mouse. Wash your hands regularly and wipe down your entire workstation for an easy solution to germs.

Candy Dishes

You may have had your midday slump and need a little candy to pick you up. I would think twice about sticking your hand in that candy dish – you have no idea who else touched that candy and where their hands have been.

Conference Table

If your office is like mine, your conference room could double as a breakroom. People eat at the conference room table one minute and then the next, it’s being used for a meeting. Everyone’s germs are there for you to touch. Instate a rule that if you use the table, wipe it down – it’s simple and effective.

Water Cooler

People will take their cups and put it right up to the water cooler spicket without even thinking. Now all the germs from their mouths have transferred to the water cooler and when you innocently grab a glass of water, you are now getting everyone’s germs.

Keep your office one step ahead of germs. Shop janitorial supplies.

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