First Aid in the Office


Whether you have a company of five or 500, having a safety program is critical to health and wellness of your employees. Even having a small first aid kit could help turn major catastrophe into a minor injury. In fact, make sure that your workplace meets all the requirements of the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety to ensure the safety of your employees. Each office has different requirements depending on size, types of hazards, machines, distance to the nearest hospital, and the number of employees.



Know Safety, No Injury. No Safety, Know Injury

Part of your safety program should be to make sure that all employees are aware of the following:

✓  Location of the first aid kit.

✓  Who in the office is certified to administer first aid.

✓  Where the closest medical facility is.

✓  Where to locate the victim’s personal information such as emergency contact, allergies,
and other pertinent personal information.



Don’t Learn Safety by Accident

Knowing is the first step to preventing injuries in the workplace. Allow your office to be prepared by offering a few first aid training tips.

1. Offer a first aid course. An informed employee will only benefit your safety program and by offering a first aid course, many may be able to handle an accident with more ease and less stress. You can easily find a class taught by Canadian Red Cross certified first aid instructors that can be done in person or online.

2. Have practice drills. Major accidents can happen when you are already in the midst of an accident such as during a fire. If people don’t know where to go when the fire alarm goes off, panic can ensue and workers could get hurt.

3. Show where the first aid kit is. When showing new employees around, make sure to make a stop and emphasize the first aid kit. Have at least one in your breakroom that is accessible to all employees.



Accidents Hurt – Safety Doesn’t

Use our checklist to start stocking your first aid kit, personal protective equipment, and you can also purchase fully stocked first aid kits –


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