5 DIY Holiday Decorations Made From Office Supplies

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5 DIY Holiday Decorations made from Office Supplies

The holidays are almost here and our office is buzzing with excitement. We can’t wait to enjoy hot cocoa and share the holiday spirit with our co-workers. Also, because we are such office products lovers, we have decorated our office with some of our favourite office supplies. If you are looking to add some joy to your workspace, enjoy these easy-to-do and fun holiday decorations.

Coffee Filter Snowflakes

Take one coffee filter, fold it in half, fold it in thirds, fold it in half again, and go crazy cutting. Unfold and enjoy your one-of-a-kind snowflake.

Coffee Filter Snowflakes
Source: flickr



Get Your Garland On

An easy way to add some holiday cheer to any space is to decorate with garland. Link paper clips together for a shiny decoration and simply grab Post-Its like the ones that are used for pop-up dispensers and pull them out ever so lightly so they will stay stuck together. You can use multiple colour packs to add pops of colour that will suite any office décor.




Post-It Note Wreath

Simply grab some green Post-Its (or any colour you would like) and stick them to a window in a circle. Voila, you have a holiday wreath.

Post-it Wreath

Source: flickr



Copy Paper Pictures

Photocopy images of any design with a holiday pattern. Make sure to make double-sided colored copies. Get creative and cut different shapes out of the copy paper like circles and stars. Punch a small hole at the top of shapes and hand the paper ornaments all around your office.



Coney Snowman

Instead of throwing away your used cone-shaped water cups, repurpose them into a snowman. Take your paper cups and staple them together side by side into a circle. Continue to do this in smaller circles. When you are done constructing, layer your circles on top of each other and staple together. Add a scarf, eyes, and orange paper carrot nose and enjoy.

Coney Snowman

Source: Pinterest

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