Benefits of Paper Planners

Benefits of Paper Planners and Calendars
Why use a paper planner? Your smart phone calendar notifies you of appointments, allows you to effortlessly schedule reoccurring events, and even has a special place for your to-do lists. But for some, paper planners are the only way to go. In many ways, paper die-hards are onto something,...
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The Best of Sharpie Art

The Best of Sharpie Art
We bet you wouldn’t believe that the following art is made from nothing more than a permanent marker… and some incredible talent! Take a scroll through some of the most fascinating Sharpie Art. Muskoka Chair This chair was revealed in a fundraiser held at the Artwalk Festival. Lamborghini Artist...
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Top 5 Uses for Address Stamps

Whether it’s getting yourself settled into a new home or last minute shopping for holiday gifts, address stamps might be the right choice for you. Custom stamps are a simple solution to jazzing up boring white or manila envelopes, conquering messy handwriting, and can be a wonderful unexpected gift....
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Top Office Products of 2015

Top Office Products of 2015
Stay one step ahead of the competition by having the hottest and newest office products available. The North American Office Products Awards chooses the best and brightest products every year and Office Central has narrowed down the list of finalists and winners to a few of our favorites. Logitech...
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