Benefits of Paper Planners

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Benefits of Paper Planners and Calendars

Why use a paper planner? Your smart phone calendar notifies you of appointments, allows you to effortlessly schedule reoccurring events, and even has a special place for your to-do lists. But for some, paper planners are the only way to go. In many ways, paper die-hards are onto something, and if you take a page from their (paper) books, you might stumble upon a more efficient way to organize your life.

Benefits to keeping paper planners, diaries and calendars.

  • Remember more. Odds are, you can type faster than you write. And while that fast pace is great for copious note-taking — say, catching every last word of a lecture — it’s detrimental to information retention. Studies show that when you write things on paper, your brain better processes the information, making it easier for you to recollect.
  • No battery required. Have you ever searched for a phone charger, your battery draining away by the minute? It may seem obvious, but your paper planner’s big advantage lies in its simplicity; you’ll never miss an appointment or deadline because of a dead battery.
  • Leave it behind. A desk calendar or at-work agenda stays where it belongs: in the office. With digital calendars and planners, you can schedule work and play in the same place. Because of that, office tasks stay in your periphery during down time, making it harder to separate personal and work life. Paper planners don’t follow you around on the weekend, allowing you to disconnect from technology and your weekday stresses.

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