Benefits of Keeping a Journal

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Journaling isn’t just for those planning to memoir. By writing about your days, weeks and years, you track the highs and lows while giving yourself some serious emotional benefits. Don’t believe us? Check out just a few of the scientifically proven benefits of journaling.

Calm anxiety

Nothing puts worry into perspective like getting it down on paper. By writing what’s on your mind, you get a chance to reflect. Sometimes, reflection is the only way to see the big picture.

Reduce stress

When you get stressed, your body releases a hormone called cortisol. You can combat that response in a few ways. Meditation is one well-known stress-buster, but writing has a similar effect on your body’s stress response. The simple act of journaling can tame stress, allowing you to relax fully into the activity that is (literally) at hand.

Unleash creativity

Journaling engages the right side of your brain and frees up the left. This energizes your creative juices when done regularly. On the other hand, creative writing and doodling flexes your creative muscle, and is a great way to warm up for a creative project.

Let go

When you journal about stressful, upsetting or worrisome events, you’ll walk away less burdened. Getting things out can be cathartic, allowing you to release negative feelings and move on.

Boost your immune system

You’ve read about the mental health benefits of journaling. But a University of Texas researcher found that all of these combine to help you stay physically healthy, too. Journaling every day about what’s going on in your life has been shown to boost immune response, especially in people with chronic illness.

Ready to get started? Create a daily habit of journaling, whether that’s five minutes when you wake up or a twenty minute session before bed, and stick with it. Find a comfortable, quiet place to write and you’ll be surprised how quickly you start to look forward to the new ritual.

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