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I grew up in the office products business, working for my parents. After my education and training at KPMG, I helped my mother and brother grow Office Central into one of the largest independent office supply companies in Canada. When I’m not working, I can be found playing golf, squash, swimming, gardening, or vacationing with my family in Arizona.

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Top 5 Uses for Address Stamps

Whether it’s getting yourself settled into a new home or last minute shopping for holiday gifts, address stamps might be the right choice for you. Custom stamps are a simple solution to jazzing up boring white or manila envelopes, conquering messy handwriting, and can be a wonderful unexpected gift....
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First Aid in the Office

Whether you have a company of five or 500, having a safety program is critical to health and wellness of your employees. Even having a small first aid kit could help turn major catastrophe into a minor injury. In fact, make sure that your workplace meets all the requirements...
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