Contract Pricing

What is CONTRACT pricing?

Contract pricing is a practice used by large Canadian businesses. Top Purchasing Managers use it to reduce costs to stay within their tight budgets.

How does contract pricing work?

As you may not be aware, 20% of all your purchased office supplies consume 80% of your spending dollars. With Contract Pricing we take your everyday core items and put them on prices that are much lower than the competition. This way you know you are saving on items that matter most. These prices will be frozen for an agreed period of time.

Is it a legal contract?

No, this is not a legal contract. Contract pricing will not put you under any obligation.

How will this help me save money?

Research studies have proven that contract pricing will SAVE money. This is how:

  • Ultra low prices on all of your everyday core items. Remember that these everyday core items consume the majority of your spending dollars.
  • Price freeze ensures that there is no escalation of prices.
  • All customers with contract pricing have access to our Office Central Platinum catalogue. This catalogue represents the highest level of discounts to our customers.

What about the items which are not a part of the contract pricing?

All clients who receive contract pricing have access to the greatly discounted Office Central Platinum catalogue. Office Central Platinum has been benchmarked against the competition, which will ensure that you are still getting the best deal on non-contract priced items. It is a WIN-WIN situation.

How do I get started?

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