Office Central's Billing Options

Billing Options

Office Central's Billing Options

Office Central offers all its customers a wealth of purchasing and ordering information. Once setup, you will be able to receive reports at the end of each month which will outline a complete purchasing history broken down into the following categories:

Cost Centre Billing:

Cost Centre
Purchase Order #

Sub Total by Cost Centre
Sub Total by Department
Sub Total by Buyer

This report will allow your CFO or Accounting Department to quickly identify what each department is spending per month. This report will also allow Office Central to transfer an account to Monthly Billing.

Monthly Billing:

Medium and large firms have the ability to place multiple office supply orders, per month, week and sometimes per day. Office Central, instead of sending invoices daily to the customer, will send only ONE bill at the end of the month. The bill will be accompanied by a backup of invoices totaling the total bill. Office Central, saving you time and money with your needs in mind.


Office Central offers an electronic PDF version of the paper based invoice that can be sent directly to your email. This GREEN option is just another way Office Central is trying to help the environment.

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